The wind resource in urban environments is challenging to predict but technologies, including computational fluid dynamics software, are making it possible. Most important points is suitable placement for wind turbines.

Horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs) have dominated the wind industry but vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) offer potential to outperform HAWTs in urban environments, suburban area, where is the possibility for alternative source of energy. VAWTs can handle turbulent and unconventional wind and generate energy at slower speeds, which is beneficial for these areas.

More Efficient

In a vertical system, air flowing from any direction or speed can rotate the blades. Hence, it generates power even in gusty winds, when they’re blowing steadily. Also, more VAWTs can be in installed in less space, compared to conventional wind turbines.

Low Maintenance

These turbines have fewer parts than those that orient the rotary mechanism and blades horizontally. That means fewer components to wear out and break down.


VAWTs can be installed on as small an area as an apartment rooftop and as large as hundreds of acres of farm lands. It is suitable for cities to generate renewable energy, where there is a scarcity of space.

The Problem

  • Increasing power consumption in urban areas
  • Scarcity of space to install conventional wind turbines
  • Need of more sources of renewable energy
  • Higher cost of set up
  • Higher maintenance

Other Benefits

  • More easily installed compared to other wind turbine types.
  • Transportable from one location to another.
  • Equipped with low-speed blades, lessening the risk to people and birds.
  • Function in extreme weather, with variable winds and even mountain conditions.
  • Permissible where taller structures are prohibited.
  • Quieter to operate, so they don’t disturb people in residential neighborhoods.

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