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Renewable Forestry

The renewable plantations become a catalyst for development and economic growth all while helping preserve existing natural forests and conservation areas. This is a holistic growth plan with focus towards nature, economy and human resources. Under this drive we will be doing Teak plantation, which takes about 7 years to reach maturity. The teak plantation will boost other allied industries like sawmill and pellet production, and will boost products like furniture, decking, floowing and veneer. We will continue to establish renewabale plantations under a public-private partnership initiative.

We are using technologically advanced Israeli agriculture methodologies to focus on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and long-term organic farming. Instead of focusing on chemical-based farming which is disastrous for soil, our approach is to improve the natural practices to grow crops and plants in a sustainable way.

Employment: 98 people (1500 ha) | 450 people (9000 ha)
Remuneration Package (Field Worker): Person placed in the top 10% income bracket in India

Capital Investment inflow to District:
1500 ha plantation equates to 32% of total FDI for past 20 years for North Eastern States
9000 ha plantation project equates to 135% of total FDI for the past 20 years for North Eastern States

Profit Reinvestment:
25% invested back into local industry and infrastructure development

Asset Transfer:
Plantations handed over to local authority at the end of 21 years
Approximate Value: $1 067 374 800 at 8th year

Our Approach

We follow an approach that creates a win-win situation for all the parties involved, and most important we do it in a sustainable way.

plantation overview
  • Investment

    We do all the investment in large scale teak plantation projects. We have performed plantation ranging from 1500 ha of land up to 9000 ha of land.

  • Assume Risk

    We assume full risk for the project’s success.

  • Profit Share

    25% of the profit share will be invested in food security and other development projects.

  • Skill Development & Transfer

    Workers will be trained and the skill will be transferred with certification.

  • Project Transfer

    After a certain period, project will be handed over to local authorities.

  • Ongoing Rollout

    The process is ongoing, in order to establish renewable plantations.

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