Core Enabling Promoters


Started his carreer by joining the prestigious National Defence Academy and got commissioned as an officer in Indian Army. While serving with Indian Army, starting from peace keeping force in Sri Lanka and various subsequent locations VIkas continued his education and did masters in bussiness management.

After his tenure with the Army he was associated with financials giants like CITI and ICICI in various capacities.

He did extensive work for women empowerment through the creation of self help groups “stree shakti” in partnership with Indian banks and worked for the education of Delhi’s underprivileged children through the creation of “dream schools” in partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries.

He was invited and also created skilled work modules for undertrial rehabilitation at Delhi’s Tihar jail simultaneously initiating thousands of rural children on path of education and skills training in Haryana villages.

Alongside many of these activities Vikas also grew his infrustructure company and executed many noteworthy road infra projects for the Goverment of India, and while doing this became more and more aware of the fact that so much of these forms of construction are not ecologically sustainable and started to transition to seeking out and sourcing green technologies from across the world to create a new company with sustainable technologies that enhance the natural environment and creates earth centres living for all those that benefit from it.

This quest has kept Vikas busy for a number of years and is now starting to bear fruit as OneLife starts employ these technologies.

Christiaan A J Bosman

I never thought growing up in the arts and later studying law my life would be centered around causes and people. Growing up white during the freedom struggle in South Africa in what was the dark seventies and eighties I should have known that I would do some kind of penance around the issues of human rights and equal opportunities. I just never dreamt that it would be purgatory in business, in fact when friends heard 25 years ago that Christiaan was doing business in India they laughed, perhaps even sent up a prayer for me.

Having spent a decent amount of time in Switzerland after growing up in South Africa and thinking I was escaping all that I soon realised in the perfect world I found myself in, the Suisse Romande, that I needed more.

And more it was, perhaps too much! It was India! There are no two greater linear opposites than Switzerland and India when it comes to business culture, social issues and just about anything else one can think of but that in fact is my foundation, a juxtaposed tale of two worlds, bringing them together and making them accessible to the people on each side of the divide. A brokering of insights one might say, gained with time.

So in profiles like this people always want to know why they should listen to the person writing or what it is that he has to offer in line of knowledge or experience. Well, putting my best foot forward then would be to tell the reader that I owned and operated a social justice company for almost two decades India that did both international brand manufacturing and established a successful local hospitality brand of my own, but to tell the truth I consider it only my MBA for ‘foreigners-doing-business-in-India’. Western business school training just doesn’t cut it most of the time in Indian business world. My business breakfast on Tuesdays with CEOs of some of the leading Multinationals is book waiting to be published and a testimony to the fact that India asks for more than the usual, usual, usual…

While doing what I did I became more and more convinced that what I was doing was not sustainable and looking at my children the question keep growing in me was ‘What would be my legacy to them?’ I realised all the money I leave them would not buy them a piece of earth where they could breathe fresh air and drink clean water and so before turning 50 I made the major mental shift that I would either give it my all on the environment and see what the power of one committed person can be on the environment and society or I wouldn’t be able to say I had been part of any meaningful business venture. This is where my new journey began and it’s where I met all these like minded people, all of whom are sharper and brighter than one would ever imagine and what we share is a real concern for our ‘umwelt’, an ability to dream of a better world and a commitment to find and implement solutions and leave it better than we found it.

OneLife was born from the knowledge that previous generations subjugated people, ravished natural habitats and thought it their birth right to monetise on the earth, below the earth and in the air and seas all they could lay their hands on to make themselves rich. In their process of doing this they didn’t squirm to enslave people with systems that forced them to learn in a certain way and make their most important decision before they were eighteen years of age and then to exploit them at will with the individuals believing it’s their own free will and that this is life and how it should be.

I am proud to say that OneLife challenges all of that thinking in each vertical we are involved in and we are also challenging ourselves even to dream of what a company can be like where people, profit, the ‘product’ and the environment are all in a delicate balance that can be sustained not only by me writing this but also by our children and their children for generations to come. This is the quest.

‘So call me a dreamer but I am not the only one.’

I am excited to finally share the planet with a whole new generation of young people who think the way I do. I am twenty years of age all over again and launching out into the most exciting part of my life yet. Young at heart but having learnt so much! Too much, and unlearning even more that never should have been part of me to start with.
Let’s get going!

roger pic

Roger Mortlock

I left South Africa after studies that prepared me for my first job in Israel where I found myself in charge of handling logistics and fund raising activities for one of the largest agencies helping Jews from the diaspora making Aliya to resettle in Israel. This ‘job’ became a baseline for my entire life and for all my aspirations pertaining to what ‘work- and professional life’ should be in order to be meaningful.

Returning from Israel to South Africa, after seven years, now married and having lived through the Intefada, I wanted to just have a ‘normal’ life and that I had as a real estate franchisee. The money making game and living the South African suburban life had its appeal but soon after our three sons were toddlers something started nagging and I realised that I was yearning for meaning and doing something meaningful that would be as a legacy for my children and would be as an example for their lives, not mere money making.

I reached out to college friends with whom I dreamt of transforming communities. I soon reconnected with Christiaan Bosman, the same friend I hitch-hiked thousands of kilometres with through Africa as a student and with whom I dreamt of doing those things that could impact entire communities. It was for both of us a turning point in our careers having achieved much but wanting to do far more meaningful business. We were both social entrepreneurs in our own right and yet we understood that our impact was limited so together we founded OneLife in South Africa and immediately started to pursue aspirational project in the areas of water purification and agriculture both in Africa and India finding our footing and building the networks needed on the subcontinent and in Africa that would be necessary to sustain the business ecosystem for change that we envisioned.

This process has been a very deep dive and a truly rewarding journey, but mainly as we learnt so much more about the geo-politics and the financial and other systems that were dominating these regions and creating barriers for lasting impact. First trying to flank or infiltrate these we soon learn that we have to be like the ivy that just covers it all and takes it over rendering it in our favour and in the favour of those we want to benefit growing on it but giving different outcomes that are real and lasting to those whom we want to impact and enhance the lives of.

With my wonderful wife, Davina, whom being born Swiss did not find it strange to move to Africa, with my three sons and with the friends listed here below we are in fact making a journey that we see more and more is transformational one for us all and not merely a one-dimensional money-making exercise.
Every single day now defines ‘the greater works’ that are to come and which makes this journey though an incredibly challenging one the very stuff we write books about.

Thinktank and Specialist Promoters

Premlal Krishnan, LL.B

Mr. Premlal majored in commerce from Kerala and Law from Mumbai. Started his career as practicing lawyer, registered his mark in Bombay High Court. He is an effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills. He has been appointed as one of the standing counsels for Government of India in Bombay high Court.

He is the founder of legal firm “Sreejiandlal” that rechristened as India law LLP in the year 2011. However, in 2017 August, Premlal started his new firm PLS Legal (Pan India Legal Services LLP). The firm advises clients on various national and international matters commercial issues including but not limited to export/import matters. He also handled Arbitrations in India and Abroad, such as, Shipping, Aviation, EPC contracts, Real Estate players etc.

Significant portion of Premlal’s practice is in the area of litigation. He has successfully handled numerours litigations in Mumbai High Court, High court of Rajasthan (Jaipur Bench), Kolkata, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh apart from the Supreme Court of India. He also attends Sessions and District courts, DRAT, Arbitration Tribunals, NCLT, etc. There are many reported important judgments of Bombay High Court and Kerala high Court argued by him.

Premlal has a special interest in white collar offences, recovery matters and corporate laws. Because of his special interest in Corporate Governance, he got invitation by the corporate world to serve on board of many companies. Noteworthy among them was Apple Finance Limited, a then blue chip company (2001-2003)

Premlal played decisive role in aircraft acquisition, finance, mortgage, regulatory compliance etc., for setting up domestic airlines in Nigeria. He also independently handled mediation involving a major aircraft manufacturer in Brazil.

Premlal penned and published many articles, noteworthy among many are as under ;

  1. Tale of Two Trials
  2. Justice or Just..Ice
  3. Kasab
  4. Mutalab

Olympia London published a fiction “Tale of Kidnapping” authored by Premlal in the Month of January 2022. Premlal also writes play and short stories in Malayalam.

From childhood he worked for various social organisations in leadership positions such as President, Secretary, Convenor etc., and proven track record as a person with excellent organisation skills.

Practice Areas

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Real Estate
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Debt Recovery Proceedings
  • Aviation


  • Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa
  • Since December 1995.
  • Bombay Bar Association.

César Espinosa

Master in International Management has with more than 12 years of experience in international business and fundraising for public-private initiatives through multilateral cooperation for sustainable development targeting women empowerment, economic justice through social entrepreneurship, innovation and productive linkage for Latin America and the Caribbean in collaboration with the IFC-World Bank , IDB and CAF.

Americas Representative for Foundation Elyx, UN DIGITAL Ambassador for Agenda 2030, based in Paris; Board Member of the Organization for Women in International Trade based in Washington DC and Strategic Advisor for Social Entrepreneurs.


Kelley Blevins

I started my career when I walked out of graduate school at the University of Tennessee in 1988, to embark as a generalist in New York City, my chosen home to start a new life pursuing something I never studied or gave two thoughts to. I all knew was that I wanted to live in New York. I started as a fashion model then a bit of divine intervention took over. I became a magazine editor/writer at a succession of top fashion lifestyle titles such as W, Town & Country and Flaunt.

Around the turn of the century (this one!) the media editorial world began to shift, and I went with it. I was still searching for my purpose. I then became a public relations and events executive, opening my own boutique firm, Kelley Blevins Group, known then as KBG.

For greater than a decade, I represented such “general” clients as Chupa Chups, M&M Mars, Flybook computers, the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles, Custo Barcelona, Tasmanian Rain, Emporio Armani, Diane von Furstenburg, architect Alison Spear, Irene Marie Models and Miami Beach’s Hotel St. Augustine, Still I was unsatisfied.

It was at the end of my PR run that I began to dabble in the emerging concepts of sustainability and consciousness, first with fashion, and then I started moving into architecture and design. In 2012, I answered the call of world-famous Barcelona-based architect Ricardo Bofill, who I had met back when I was an architecture editor at Town & Country Magazine. Mr. Bofill appointed me as the firm’s head of global business development. Meanwhile, I still saw myself as a master generalist. After all, I was not an actual architect. I discovered I enjoyed it and was successful in my role.

It was not until I was about to turn 50 years old that I found my footing, my calling, my purpose. I found myself working throughout India and had the same time, become awed by the concepts of sustainability and consciousness, I yearned to return to New York and so I did. All of a sudden, as if a eureka moment transpired after all the years of doing a little of this and a little of that, it all began to make sense and I accepted what I felt was my purpose. I wanted to make a difference in my world, my country and my city. I wanted to influence the future leaders of the next generation. I began to suddenly see everything I had done up to that moment in my career through a new and refined lens. It no longer became about wearing designer and tailored suits. I wanted to be part of a network — a movement that was contributing to the betterment of humanity and saving the planet where we inhabit. I became my personal version of “woke.” The planet was being destroyed and I was contributing to it. I started to analyze all I was doing. I had learned about many things, but I was no longer an expert at nothing. I had found my purpose.

In 2018, my career transformed into Kelley Blevins and Partners -the first of which is Mexico City based friend and now business partner, Cesar ESPINOSA and recently celebrating 2021, we decided to launch with our strategic partners, Alison SPEAR and Anna KLINGMANN, our sustainable design platform, Redesigning The World.


  • Accomplished global manager with 18+ years of proven track record of success in implementing large scale initiatives for the industry.
  • Extensive expertise in definition of Strategic and Tactical Target Operating Models, Delivery of Turnkey initiatives from Inception to Value Realization, Industry best practices, Market readiness and Transformational Process Change Management.
  • Hands on experience in managing 1.5 B USD + Project Portfolios per year, all aspects of Budget planning & Governance and Advanced analytics / key performance metrics.
  • Leadership positions with MNC Banks (New York, Zurich, Singapore). Instrumental in building one of the largest Corporate Banking technology (Payments & Receivables) systems, rolling out in multiple global markets and developing Offshore Competency “Centres of Excellence” across the globe.
  • Strategic advisor to multiple Governments in Asia & Africa, UHNW clients in Asia and Middle East.

Kuljyoti Srivastava

Master in Business Administration (MBA) has more than 20 years of experience in consumer goods Industry in OTC, FMCG, Personal Care, Luxury and Food with the world class MNCs like Unilever, RANBAXY, L’OREAL Paris, LUXOTTICA – Rayban and McCormick USA. He has the working exposer from India to Global markets.

His major experience and expertise are in Marketing Management, Business management, Advertising, Sales Management, Product management, Product Launches and Market Research.

Kumar Rajesh

Kumar started his career as a banker with ICICI Bank after finishing his MBA in Finance. His expertise lies in economics, financial reporting, risk management, wealth planning, and asset valuation. He has rich experience working with Aviva India and Reliance Money as Cluster Head.

He paced into the Real Estate sector in the year 2008, introducing new innovations and developing capital resources in the form of land. He also has distinctive skills in construction and architecture and had some successful collaborations with prestigious projects.

He is an expert dealing with multi-national companies, lenders, borrowers, retailers, institutional and non-institutional real estate investors, developers and operators in a broad range of business arena.

His practice areas included all aspects of investments in real estate projects, creation of security, sale and purchase of real properties, comprising commercial leasing, due diligence, structuring, negotiation and documentation of the transaction, drafting and negotiating agreements relating to sale, mortgage, loans, license, construction, services, agency & franchise, arbitration related to real properties, among many others and advising domestic and international corporates.

After that, in this prolific journey, he entered into the area of Infra (specifically in road and buildings) and put innovative solutions in place that requires capacity building within the institutions/firms/companies/infra groups that plan, finance, and develop infrastructure. Worked in identifying champions with whom an Infra aspirant can work closely in order to build the capacity to implement selected projects using integrated designs implementing tools and healthy and ultimately successful approaches.


Mr. Jatin Sarkar, a former Civil Servant from India; has four decades of experience in planning and development of infrastructure with significant exposure to rail sector operation & planning, infrastructure development and complex dynamics of inter modal transport. During his Civil Service Career, he was associated with Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Planning Commission and RITES, which exposed him to both macro & micro level planning and policy formulation in multi disciplinary fields.

Last ten years of his career was in RITES where he was intricately associated with many signpost national and international projects like Dedicated Rail Freight Corridors, High Speed Rail, Multi Modal Logistic Parks, Tourism Master Plans for Digha and Darjeeling, 50-Year National Transport Master Plan for Kenya etc.

Apart from large number of Detailed Project Reports for rail infrastructure projects. He was also the National Coordinator for ‘Total Transport System Study’, a landmark national level exercise carried out by the Planning Commission (GOI) to formulate an integrated transport policy for the country. His core area of competence lies in formulating optimal strategy for new projects implementation.

Recipient of ‘National Award’ for outstanding performance in rail operations, Mr. Sarkar is credited with many innovative projects like initiation of Mobile Exhibitions on Trains, which is an effective medium of mass exposition; and revival of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata into a film institute of world repute. His status paper on enhancing non-conventional revenues in IR has been adopted by Ministry of Railways for active implementation.

Post his retirement, Mr. Sarkar is actively pursuing a self-assigned mandate of creating project visions for inclusive growth; some of which have witnessed successful implementation. He also carries with him a large and effective network in government agencies, global EPCs and Financial Institutions who play a key role in development of transport infrastructure projects at the global level. Mr. Sarkar also features regularly in wide ranges of international conferences as an invited speaker.

Petro Kovalskyi

I am three quarters Polish and one quarter Ukrainian. I have lived and worked in Europe, China and India and I am an engineer who never studied engineering so always had to prove myself better than the trained engineers in order to have a ‘seat at the table’. I understand an uneven playing field and I know that ambition without hard work is really just dreaming.

In my home country of Ukraine and also in Poland I have had a wonderful career spanning 35 years and during this time I am proud to say I managed to register with government 94 processes, licences, changes and inventions in the automotive field.

In this field I have spent a lifetime imagining what vehicles could be like if the right technology was available.

Finally I stopped dreaming and put my mind to ‘re-imagining’ transport, not starting where FORD did with the horse drawn cart and buggy but starting where I am in the 21 st century and therefore questioning everything and re-thinking the very essence of the industry.

Having done that I gathered for myself the best people in the automotive industry to help with the design and engineering of electric vehicles not simply removing a diesel engine and replacing it with an electric one but understanding that what WAS doesn’t have to be anymore and in fact CANNOT be. Where the technology didn’t exist we took our time and created that technology.

The very way we manufacture, the space in which it is done and the materials we manufacture from, all these have come under the scanner and the vehicles that I will now manufacture along with their ecosystem that we will roll out with OneLife will be unlike anything that has been on roads till now.


I have twice had to stand up out of the dust and reinvent myself. The first time was as a young man when the Soviet Union collapsed!

I only had my mind and talent to pull me from the rubble of economic and social devastation.

Now again as my home country is being destroyed by bombs and through senseless war I find myself ready and this time better prepared than the first time, armed with a lifetime of experience and the wisdom that only time offers.

I am excited and ready as we commence with the actual finding of land in India where these vehicles I have dreamed and designed and engineered will be built.

Next-Gen Promoters


Samaresh Chadha

My name is Samaresh Chadha and upon completing my graduation in Bcom Finance and Accountancy with a specialisation in finance from Christ University, Bangalore I started my career from PWC as a risk strategy consultant. Currently working at KPMG Global Services where I work and consult about matters relating to risk management but I know there is more to learn and I am eager and hungry to do so.

I know that the world around me has changed because of the pandemic and now with the Ukraine war unfolding the ground beneath my feet is moving even faster. What other generations were able to take a life time to learn, my generation will need to leapfrog and learn much faster if we want to have a planet to call home and economies that are inclusive and that work for all of earths people whether they be education or not and whichever continent they find themselves on.

The world has become too small for unbridled greed and for policies that don’t respect people and our environment. It is in this regard that OneLife has moved across my desk and that I am proud to associate with the company to speed true progress up and wonderful to be drawn into a team that values me EXACTLY because I am young and see the world differently from previous generations. I have a voice here and I will grow.

Watch this space, as they say, we are only gearing up.

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