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Electric Trucks & Buses

Our plan is to manufacture, operate and maintain an ecosystem of electric trucks and buses across the country. We are setting up a manufacturing facility within 50 KM from Delhi NCR, and investing INR 350 to 400 Cr. in this venture. Our EV Vertical will become India’s first indigenous Electric Vehicle with full


Coval World electric buses and trucks (a subsidiary of OneLife), are to be made from
new materials that are intrinsically easily degradable. This will reduce the need to replace the parts and reduce the wastefulness. The vehicles we will be manufacturing will be 80% more energy efficient compared to existing vehicles.


The vehicles at all time will be connected to a grid which will be equipped with a central command and predictive software warning system. It will provide reports about the vehicle and driver in real-time for the purpose of monitoring and timely action.


As mentioned, the focus will be to refurbish and reuse parts, hence we will be maintaining the vehicles. We will be developing our own charging network for these vehicles. As the manufacturing, operations, and maintenance will all be done by ourselves, it will lead to low-cost operations over a span of 20 years.

Our Approach

The electric buses and trucks will change the quality of the life. Reduce the air and noise pollutions, reduce the fatal statistic on the road thanks many modern systems of the driving.

Will create new job places, especially for the engineers, who cannot find a proper work in today’s state of the work market.

We will be as flywheel for the domestic industries, supportive for automotive branch. In this way, many parts and components will be from the local production, with reducing of the import.

Our Solution

  • Most modern buses in the world. Hi-tech fully digitalized vehicles.
  • Absolutely new design of the buses and trucks, with characteristically looking appearance
  • 50% higher capacity of the buses (120 pax) and 25% more loading capacity (GVW 13 Tons) than existing trucks
  • Maneuverability is perfect for safety driving
  • First own charging network for commercial vehicles
  • Very attractive prices for our vehicles
  • Low cost of operating during 20 years
  • Big chance for the export

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