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OneLife to build 6000-7500 affordable green houses for Mizoram Government

OneLife closed an earth-friendly, green housing project worth…
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OneLife to build two smart hospitals for Mizoram Government

OneLife is happy to announce the agreement reached with the state…

Shaping a green, smart and healthy future of real estate by developing sustainable buildings and bridging the gap between normally disconnected stakeholders of the value chain.

Bio-Climatic Design

It is a global and scalable solution which ensures maintaining consistency and durability. The panels and blocks are built off-site using treated woodchips.

Cost Effective

Owing to the easy availability, reusable nature and lighter weight the transportation cost is significantly reduced by up to 30%, and overall building cost is reduced by up to 40%. The material is 100% recyclable.

Carbon Concrete

This is the future of construction for EARTH-FRIENDLY construction. It is strong, lightweight, and flexible, and of course, addresses environmental concerns. It is a mesh made of carbon, which is made through the thermal decomposition of carbon strands.

Our Commitment is Zero Carbon Living

Every element and every activity emits carbon which affects the environment we live in, and harm us in many ways. With optimal use of technology and earth-friendly practices, we can certainly reduce our carbon footprints, and we can make our cities and homes a better place for sure for the generations to come.

The Problem

  • Rapid urbanization
  • Housing Shortage
  • Global Carbon Emissions
  • Operational emissions
  • Social disorder
  • Public Health concern

Our Solution

  • Use of natural material, like waste wood chip
  • Regenerate Natural Systems
  • Bio Climatic construction system – Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep houses and building materials in use
  • Energy saving in construction and lifetime operation
  • Addressing health and hygienic hazards

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